Battlestations: Pacific lets you crash and burn

The kamikaze was a Japanese attack where pilots would fly their planes into enemy ships in order to gain honor and victory for the Japanese Navy. Clearly in a game about WWII naval battles in the Pacific the tactic would need to be present. However, should it be kept to the Japanese side of the army or are US pilots also likely to fictionally take on the attack style?

The newest video for Battlestations: Pacific doesn’t really answer the question as we’re assuming that flying any plane into any ship will cause some damage, but it does heavily tilt the tactic towards the Japanese side of the battle. I’m guessing the kamikaze plane dropper (yes, that’s a real thing though probably not its real name) is Japan only though. The cost of human life aside, kamikazes definitely add an interesting tactic to the gameplay; devastating power, but at the cost of an entire plane and person.