Update / Fallout 3 DLC coming to retail

Update: After revealing the European versions a few days ago, the details for the US version of the Fallout 3 DLC retail disc are now available. It seems that the US get a free Vault Boy poster with their purchase, as well as a name change from Downloadable Content to Game Add-On Pack. Makes sense seeing as downloadable content isn’t really downloadable content when it’s on a disc. The pack launches May 26, a few days before the European release, and has been priced at $19.99. So it turns out everyone gets in on the Fallout 3 DLC after all — if you’re not a PS3 user that is.

Original: Don’t have an Xbox Live account but want to get more out of Fallout 3? Shaking your fists in anger at people playing The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage DLC? Well fear not good friends, as those very 2 missions are finding their way onto discs and into retail stores soon. It may be missing the DLC that’s going to hit next month, but at least this gives offline players who loved Fallout 3 a chance to play through what they’ve missed.

The pack will be avalible for both 360 and PC versions, supposedly installing the DLC onto your system, and then letting you play the content using your original Fallout 3 disc. No word on a US release just yet, but it will at least be hitting Europe May 29th. Seeing as the Broken Steel pack releases at the other end of the month, May 5th, it is a little disappointing to see it not included on the disc, but perhaps another retail disc will follow soon.

Pricing for the UK is £14.99, with a PEGI rating of 18+