Joker boosts PS3 pre-orders of Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman’s name might be on the cover, but the Joker is stealing the spotlight – since it was announced that the clown prince of crime would be available as a playable character in the game’s standalone challenge mode, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, the Sony-branded version has taken the lead in pre-orders.

According to Amazon’s rankings, the PlayStation 3 version is currently sitting at #176 and the Xbox 360 version at #478. Seeing as both versions should be otherwise identical, and the fact that the Xbox 360’s user base still leads the PlayStation 3 by approximately six million more consoles, it seems safe to attribute this discrepancy to the popularity of Batman’s arch nemesis, who is laughing his way to the bank with almost 300% more pre-orders. Sometimes it’s good to be bad.