The Elder Scrolls novels are coming to raise your reading skill

If you’re one of the The Elder Scrolls obsessed that spent 100+ hours marauding around the countryside, killing things, raising that acrobatic skill and reading every last piece of lore you could find, then prepare for more fiction to fill your brain meats. Del Rey Books has announced they will be publishing two novels based on The Elder Scrolls universe written by New York Times bestselling author (who isn’t?) Greg Keyes.

The first book, titled The Infernal City, due out this Fall, will be set after the events of Oblivion and involve a floating city that leaves a trail of the undead wherever it goes — sounds like Hoboken, NJ. I hope the author is able to capture the lifeless gazes of the citizens of Tamriel in text form because that would make for stories that rival those found in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Also, horse armor.