Uncharted 2 multiplayer and co-op signed, sealed, confirmed

Rummagings of online modes in Uncharted 2 started last week, and was all but officially confirmed when images of access to the beta via inFamous found their way onto the internet. Now we finally have that confirmation on Sony’s “electrifying announcement” via a press release and a batch of screens.

Right now we can see 3 basic modes: deathmatch, plunder, and co-op. Deathmatch is going to consist of 5 vs 5 games, where players can join into a party and take part in ranked and custom games. Plunder, which can be seen in a few of the screens, is a gametype where players transport treasure over the map. The idea is to work together to get around obstacles. Co-op is perhaps the most intriguing of the 3 modes, supporting up to 3 players. The mode won’t be following the single-player offering, rather set objectives for people to complete throughout a number of maps. Furthermore, playing co-op will earn you currency which you can then spend on unlockable items in the game. What you can earn online you can also get offline as the game offers the same system for single-player.

The screens reveal some more bits and pieces like Nathan Drake and his new squeeze Chloe Frazer being playable. Other characters are your run of the mill soldiers, with differing equipment suggesting an element of customisation for each player’s character. 2 maps can also be seen, one being the urban area already shown off in the single-player, and the other seems to be a night time battle around ruins.

SCEA is going to be launching the beta on June 3rd, running right through to the 28th. Be sure to get an early copy of inFamous if you want in.