Dead Rising 2 WILL have multiplayer

Hot on the heels of the Dead Rising 2 trailer comes news that Capcom’s zombie-em-up will indeed feature a multiplayer component. Despite some conflicting words coming from within Capcom over the past few weeks, multiplayer will be present. The prospect of ganging up with friends for some undead horde slaying is oh-so-real and ohhhhh-so-tantalising.

Speaking at Captivate 09 last week (via Eurogamer), Capcom’s big cheese Keiji Inafune said, “We’re at a point in game history that you need to have some form of multiplayer component in a game.” He continued, “Single-player alone is not going to cut it. So rest assured we are going to put multiplayer in the game, but I can’t go into specifics about what type of multiplayer as that directly relates to some of the game systems that we don’t want to talk about at this event. It will be online multiplayer, so keep that in mind.”

What does that mean!? Online co-op would have been the obvious and most satisfying route, but by suggesting that we should keep in mind that it’s “online multiplayer,” perhaps Inafune is suggesting something… different. This game has the opportunity to offer something genuinely fresh with its multiplayer, please don’t drop the ball Capcom.