Punch Out!! website is memory-licious

We have been all over the upcoming Punch Out!! remake for the Wii since first hearing about its existence. With the impending May 18 release date, more information is starting to flow out and, as shown above, the tagline for the game has been leaked. The fanboys have been right all this time, as apparently everything is made better by the use of exclamation points and all caps. Oh noes!!

Even Nintendo is getting off their butts and have finally gotten around to launching the game’s official website. A visit there unleashes a flood of memories, from the loading screen with a jogging Lil Mac clone to the updated theme music looping in the background, it sends us back to our NES days. The website will apparently showcase the different fighters Lil Mac will encounter, yet as of this writing only Glass Joe is available. A click on the stats to the right of the fighter will launch a gameplay video of the selected fighter, which is small but satisfying.