1UP confirms PSP Go!

Around the time when GDC 09 was going on we posted a video of the guys from Destructoid talking more in depth about the PSP Go! While it was still a juicy rumor at that point 1UP is now stating their sources say Sony will show off the new handheld at E3 2009. 1UP is restating everything that Destructoid said previously from the hardware changes to the name itself.

Their sources say the PSP Go! will come in a 8GB or 16GB models. It will feature a sliding screen, a single analog nub and will have 100 titles available to download at launch which could include Gran Turismo Mobile. It will apparently launch in September in Japan and October or November in the US . This of course makes us further believe Sony has given up on the UMD format for good.

Sony is looking for a resurgence of PSP dedication by announcing huge games coming to the platform such as LittleBigPlanet, Tekken 6, MotorStorm: Artic Edge, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and many others. If all goes according to plan the DSi could have some very serious competition to deal with.