Updated / Dead Rising 2 trailer rocks, saws and… mooses?

Update: Capcom has released 10 new screenshots from the game as well. Find them below.

Original: The first full trailer for Dead Rising 2 is among us and as well as hitting all the right spots, also raises a few questions. Interspersed with what looks like gameplay footage, the trailer sports all the zombie beatin’, blood splurtin’, ridiculous headwear sportin’ loveliness you would expect from a Dead Rising game, but hang on, did I just see a home made dual-chainsawed staff? I think I did. And is that a modified chainsaw motorbike? Oh yeahhhhhhh.

So here are our questions. The first game allowed you to grab pretty much anything in your environment and use it as a weapon, it was nice. But are we to gather from this trailer that our hero Chuck Greene can combine weapons? Will we be able to make bikes with lawnmowers stuck to the front? Can we make our own Gears-style Lancers? What about moose heads with Katanas for antlers? The mind boggles. Stay tuned for more info as the Dead Rising 2 promo-train gathers pace towards a late 2009/early 2010 release.