Eidos to keep their name and independence under Square Enix

As you may know, last year Eidos fell on hard times. The new Tomb Raider sold less then expected, they cut jobs, they canceled games, and after all that still had to lower projected profits. The new Lara Croft was released in the same month as Resistance 2, Gears 2 and Mirror’s Edge, and on the same day as Left 4 Dead, sold 1.5 million copies, and 30 people from Crystal Dynamics still got fired. And it is in this state that Eidos announced putting itself up for sale. Not a month goes by before Square Enix stepped up to shepard the hard-pressed Eidos out of this dark time. A shareholders vote over at Square Enix was held, the purchase was approved, 122 million dollars changed hands, Eidos was saved… kinda. The fate of the company’s properties, staff and overall autonomy were still up in the air. Until now.

Square Enix has resolved to keep Eidos under their banner as an independent and wholly-owned subsidiary. It seems that Eidos and their fans no longer have to fear any monkey business or mass homogenization. This is the good kind of corporate take over.

Phil Rogers will be staying on as the CEO of Eidos; he seems excited to keep his job saying “This is a watershed moment for Eidos. We have the backing of an incredible company which believes in our strategy and our people. In the Square Enix group, we have a parent company, which I have held in high respect for many years, with their meticulous level of perfection and unyielding directive to never compromise on quality. We have an incredible opportunity to truly deliver on our creative vision, this is a new chapter for Eidos.” We’ll take your word for it, now get working on Tomb Raider XII: Crystal Chronicles.