Kojima is a game designer for life

Hideo Kojima has been showing up at Apple stores in Japan in order to tout the Metal Gear Solid iPhone game and do other stuff too cool for normal men to know about. At a recent appearance at one of these stores in Ginza, Tokyo he was asked when he would be leaving the industry. At this point he whipped out a convenient little mock resume he had and pointed to a part where it said that he would “like to continue being on the scene making games until I die.”

We would all love to have him around for plenty of time making games, but we’re a little surprised he didn’t say that film making would be something he’d move on to considering the length of recent cutscenes in one of recent games that will go unnamed. Of course Kojima has his eyes set on bigger fish than film. There is one thing that would draw him away and that is space travel — we all know how that goes.