Lost Planet 2 platforms still unclear, but demo soon, and Capcom’s E3 will be huge

The whole ‘will Lost Planet 2 come to PS3/PC’ question got answered today (well no, not really) with the game’s producer Jun Takeuchi saying that Capcom is currently “only working on the 360 version.” Since the word “exclusive” was avoided, that certainly doesn’t rule anything out. Especially since at the same time Takeuchi leaves the impression that an announcement regarding the release of a PC version might come soon; “It is running off a PC now”, he said while referring to the systems used to demonstrate the game at Captivate 09, “so there may be something we can announce fairly shortly.”

And what about a PS3 version? Let’s just say hope dies last; “[..] we would not say that the possibility of a PlayStation 3 version of the game is zero, we are just very busy developing the 360 version right now.”

Takeuchi also says we can expect a demo to be made available around the time of E3, which takes place in just over a month now. And talking of E3, sounds like Capcom has decided to keep a few tricks up their sleeves for the event; “We’re also looking forward to having some other big things that we can announce at E3.”