Pre-E3 2009 hyping has begun

This year on June 2-4 the Electronic Entertainment Expo will return in full force to the Los Angeles convention center, and we will be there covering it all. Touting over 150 exhibitors, and more being added before the deadline, the ESA expects to have a packed house with a full line up of “industry-driving news and unveilings that will continue to propel the computer entertainment industry’s growth through the year and particularly in the holiday season,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA. Even Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, the videogame equivalent of the automobile industry’s big three, are already starting to tout the event. Time for a quick pre-E3 sound bite round up. Microsoft – GO!

Don Mattrick says, “Microsoft is gearing up for a big presence at E3 which will completely transform how people think about home entertainment.” He continues that Microsoft’s briefing on June 1 will kick off E3 with a bang after building anticipation over the coming weeks. The coming weeks seem to have started back in December, as they were talking about “breaking the bank” for this year’s E3 way back then. Nintendo – GO!

Reggie Fils-Aime, who like the kingdom of Gates started talking up this year’s expo months ago, tells us that E3 is a “place where creativity is on display, and as a ‘sneak peak’ for our entire industry it helps generate excitement for gamers around the world.” Once we get past the standard press release speak and look back at past performance, we are pulling for Nintendo to give us something. The previous few E3 showings for Nintendo have been fairly lackluster for those looking for some meat to throw in the faces of the other consoles. Sony – GO!

Finally, Jack Tretton lets us know that “the audience of North American-based and foreign media and key industry partners makes E3 Expo an ideal place for us to unveil the latest PlayStation news and products at our press event on June 2.” Sony says that their E3 showing will be big, one of the biggest John Koller, hardware marketing boss for Sony, has seen in his 11 years of involvement.

E3 has become smaller and more insulated from the fan base over the past couple years, but as all the above quotes seem to state, this year’s expo should begin a reversal from that trend with bigger booths, bigger unveilings, and the possible return of the booth babes. All we need now is to not be disappointed in the things revealed at the briefings and the world will be perfect for a bit. Comments – GO!