Tekken 6 coming to the PSP

Portable fighting games are often lackluster to say the least. Unless it’s a port of a game that was once released on a system they’re usually pretty craptacular, which is too bad because the fighter is one of the best suited genres for portable gaming. Hopefully the pedigree of the Tekken series will translate over onto the PSP when Tekken 6 arrives on it.

The upcoming portable fighter will feature a few new features says IGN. These include new stages, content, items, and an ad-hoc multiplayer mode using “original” and “fan favorite characters.” Those playing the game on the PSP will also be able to use a “Ghost” infrastructure mode that will allow them to upload and download other players’ info so they can see how they stack up. The PSP version of the game will be released alongside the 360 and PS3 ones.