The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf hits a road block

Panic mode for the console version of CD Projekt Red’s RPG hit The Witcher has not set in yet because the game has not yet been canceled. However concern should begin to set in for fans patiently waiting as development for the game has been suspended. From a press released issued by Widescreen Games – one of the many developers touching this project – we get confirmation “The development of the game The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf was suspended for the duration of the resolution of financial problems between the various partners of the project.” The finical problems cited are a result of CD Projekt Group not paying Widescreen Games for its work.

Further adding to the drama Michal Kicinski, the CEO of CD Projekt Group, pointed the finger right back at Widescreen Games. “Truth is that payments were later than originally planned but this was solely due to delays in production. The delays were growing in the project due to WSG continued to miss the deadlines.” He also later confirms the suspension of production, “Currently the works are on hold. We are evaluating all possible options to continue the production,” Kicinski told VG247.

This is unfortunate news as The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf was shaping up to be a great RPG. We hate seeing games like this hitting giant potholes on the road to release, but hopefully this is not the end. The signs don’t look good, but we shall remain hopeful that the financial issues get worked out and the development gets back on track.