Worms coming to your iPhone

Chances are that a year ago not too many people thought the iPhone could become a viable mobile gaming platform. What a difference a year makes. Today, the above video popped up over at PocketGamer that shows what seems to be gameplay of Worms for the iPhone. Later, Joystiq contacted Team17, developers of the long-standing Worms franchise, and they confirmed that the video is real and that the game is headed to the iPhone. Team17 will be handling all aspects of the game’s production as well.

The visuals look really crisp and nice, but that double-tapping of the screen to jump has me a little worried. Barring that though, you would have to think that the iPhone would be an ideal candidate for a Worms game. It plays in landscape, touch controls let you fine tune your aiming, and zooming in and out of the map could be done with a pinch of your fingers. No release date has been set for this one but let’s hope Team17 take their time with it so that Worms can conquer yet another platform.