BOOM BLOX Bash Party gets site and release date

If you’re one of those poor unfortunate soulds who hasn’t had the pleasure of playing multiplayer Boom Blox at a random party with three people who might never pick up a gaming controller in any other context then you need to get that done as soon as you can. The simple fun of the original Boom Blox cannot be overstated and if the sequel, BOOM BLOX Bash Party, is just more of the same that will be fine by us.

Today EA announced the game would be landing on May 19 replete with boxes that boom and other fine things such as new gameplay modes and exciting new boxes. I didn’t think I’d ever use the words exciting and boxes in the same sentence after I turned five, but there we have it. The official site for the game has also launched and features a trailer for the upcoming game showing off some of the new stuff and emphasizing the online features of the game, which is plenty refreshing for a Wii game.