Boom! EA reveals more Madden details

When the Madden NFL 10 trailers were revealed last week, it became clear that this year’s edition would feature some new controls and animations that will allow players to “Fight for Every Yard” like never before. This week, EA is getting a little more technical with us, explaining that the new gameplay features are thanks to the amazing Pro-Tak animation technology.

The new tech, EA promises, will allow for more control than ever, especially at the end of plays when actions like stretching for the first down marker and battling over a loose ball can ultimately decide the winner of a close game. This should be a breath of fresh air for gamers who were frustrated at letting the tackling animation decide if they had reached a first down or were stuck with 4th and 1. EA is clearly making an effort to make the gamer more involved on every play, which is especially critical in a football game when the gamer is already limited to controlling just one of eleven players.

Another benefit of Pro-Tak is to enhance the quarterback’s ability to avoid the pass rush. This should be welcome for gamers like myself who find it difficult to pay attention to receivers and pass rushers at the same time. EA does not say whether these features are implemented by a button press or are automatically part of the game. I just hope they don’t go overboard and turn every QB into Randall Cunningham. Back in the N64 days I switched to Madden from Acclaim’s Quarterback Club series because running for 50-yard touchdowns with perennial backup QB Kent Graham became too ridiculous. I trust I won’t have to relive that anytime soon.

While Pro-Tak appears to be the main hook for Madden NFL 10, other selling points include an enhanced TV-style presentation with more cinematic camera angles and new play calling and menu screens that will cut down on the time between the action.

It should also be noted that all of these cool features are for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Madden. While the Wii version will probably be plenty of fun to play, it will also probably lack any sort of gameplay innovation based on what we’ve seen.