Katamari Forever rolls out first trailer

There is no finer testament to the wacky, weird and wondrous originality of Japanese game design than the original Katamari Damacy. Not even the hollowed out sequels – We Love Katamari (PS2), Me & My Katamari (PSP), Beautiful Katamari (X360), I Love Katamari (iPhone) – could compare to the original, which is why we’re thrilled the series is returning to its insanity-inspired origins in the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, Katamari Forever.

Namco Bandai has given the original game a complete graphical makeover, with a brand new story, some new levels, and some remixed tunes from the original sleeper hit. Katamari Forever starts off with the King of the Cosmos losing his memory after hitting his head on a planet, leaving the diminutive prince and his cousins to rebuild his memories. In the meantime, they construct a robotic version to serve as an interim father figure, but Robo King goes nuts and even more mayhem ensues.

In addition to the strange story and super sized 1080p graphics, this latest addition to the prince’s ball-rolling resume will feature several different visual filters, like wood, comic or colored pencil, that not only look amazing, but add replayability to an already addictive game. Katamari Forever rolls stateside sometime this fall.