King of Fighters Online RPG? Huh?

According to a report on Kotaku, SNK’s King of Fighters franchise has spawned an online RPG. As bizarre as it sounds KING OF FIGHTERS ONLINE is supposedly being developed for PC by Triple A games with a release window of 2010. The report states that it will feature 3D graphics, online RPG elements and fighting. Weird, huh?

Kotaku’s source is Japanese website 4Gamer, who are showing off a few in-game and cut-scene screenshots among reams of Japanese text that we don’t understand. Truth of it is, even if we could read Japanese we still wouldn’t understand. First we heard they are turning KOF into a schmup, now an online PC RPG. Forgive us if we’re wrong, but the appeal of the KOF series was the quality of the fighting, not the ‘universe,’ right? Bizarre. We’ll bring more on this one as it hits, or once our Japanese dramatically improves — whatever comes first.