More Brütal Legend details precede Rocktober release

With Brütal Legend soon to decimate this mortal plane, developer Double Fine has seen fit to release a fresh batch of screens and story details in hopes of currying favor with the Metal Gods.

We’ve already introduced you to guitar-slinging, axe- wielding roadie Eddie Riggs, voiced by comedian Jack Black, who finds himself transported into a living, breathing heavy metal album cover by his magical belt buckle. What you may not know is that the buckle, a family heirloom with a thirst for blood, houses the powerful creature Ormagöden, a.k.a. The Fire Beast, Creamator of the Sky, Destroyer of the Ancient World. And the heavy metal world into which it has sucked him is ruled by the evil emperor Doviculus (the charming fellow pictured above) and his demon army, The Tainted Coil. Using his crimson-stained axe, The Seperator, his demon-slaying guitar, Clementine, and his super-charged hot rod, The Deuce, it’s up to Eddie to destroy a host of bad beasties torn right from the liner notes.

Whether you think this leans awesome or amusing, tribute or travesty, you gotta admit Tim Schafer and crew have put a whole hell of a lot of detail into crafting a rich heavy metal mythos.


  • A World Like No Other – Inspired by some of the most iconic album art and lyrics of all-time, Brütal Legend features a streaming, open world rich with detail, from mountains made of guitar amps to big block V8 engines rising from the ground, delivering a world truly unique and unlike anything you’ve seen before.
  • Action Combat! – Brütal Legend’s core gameplay is classic Action. From close quarter blows delivered by The Separator, Eddie’s blood soaked broad axe, to ranged combat from your demon-slaying guitar named Clementine, as well as vehicular attacks supplied by your hot rod, The Deuce (aka The Druid Plow), Brütal Legend delivers deep, rewarding, fun combat that will have you throwing your “devil horns” in the air.
  • Titans of Stage and Screen – Lead by Jack Black as the voice of Eddie Riggs, the epic cast of Brütal Legend features vocal talent providing by some of Metal’s biggest names, including Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Lita Ford and more.
  • Online Multiplayer – Take the Metal madness online in Brütal Legend’s Multiplayer mode that combines action combat with a strategic unit-control mechanic that allows the player to direct their army in The Battle of the Bands, where the ultimate trophy is survival
  • Upgrade Your Arsenal – Gain “Lighter Tributes” throughout the world and visit The Motorforge, where you can upgrade The Separator, Clementine and The Deuce to make them even more lethal on the battlefields
  • Tim Schafer – Known for creating a level depth and humor in his characters, Tim Schafer is consistently recognized as one of the gaming industry’s premier designers and has written such classics as Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and PsychoNauts.
  • Fully Licensed Soundtrack – Brütal Legend will feature a fully licensed soundtrack that includes some of the greatest Metal and Rock and Roll songs ever assembled.