See the Future May 12, play online free May 8-11

Lionhead has made good on its promise to deliver some “can’t miss” Fable II announcements this morning. The biggest announcement is the See the Future downloadable episode will be available on Xbox Live on May 12 for 560 MS points. See the Future will bring new quests, items and enemies courtesy of Murgo the Trader. Even our trusty canine companion will have have an alter ego as either a Bloodhound, Dalmatian or Husky. All the achievement hoarders will be pleased to know See the Future will add another 250 Achievement points to the game.

The second part of the announcement is specifically for Xbox Live Silver members. Usually only Gold account holders can play games online but from May 8 to May 11 everyone will be able to join a friend in Albion for free. Unfortunately this also means Silver members won’t be able to play See the Future with a friend during the free weekend.