Soul Calibur and the PSP

If the PSP is trying to separate itself from the DS in lieu of the new iteration of the handheld that is coming out then landing two of the biggest fighting franchises out there is a good way to do it. On top of the recently revealed Tekken 6 is the newly revealed Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny for the PSP. The fighter will be based off of Soul Calibur IV, but is no mere port, having been designed from the ground up to be PSP (and newcomer) friendly.

The roster will see many returning classic characters, but should also feature some new ones. In the time GameSpot had with the game they said it moved exactly like SCIV, which is an impressive feat on the portable, but not one I’d put past the SC team who put together the original Dreamcast game which still looks good to this day.

The game is being designed to target beginners and novices to the series and hopefully draw them into the deeper console versions one supposes. However, this doesn’t mean that the devs aren’t working out a few kinks here and there as mechanics like “critical finish, soul crush, and armor destruction” are going to be getting improvements. So is the fighter going to be the thing that really makes the PSP shine or is it still destined to play second fiddle to touch screen controls and the DS’s dominance in almost every other genre?