Team Fortress 2 is drinking some RPG koolaid

When the latest patch for Team Fortress 2 arrived it came with a mysterious 50 slot back pack and a note instructing that its purpose will be revealed at a later date, it left some players bewildered. Well not much later did we get answers from Valve’s Robin Walker and the basic gist of it is that TF2 may be bet getting some RPG style mechanics in the future. Oh and something about hats too.

The hats are coming fairly soon, reportedly before the big sniper class update, but they won’t do much other than provide your character with a higher pimp value. Robin Walker explains how this initial design change will potentially go deeper; “It also starts us on another path that we’re interested in, which is allowing players to have some control over their appearance.” However Valve is treading lightly and feeling out the player base through feedback to make sure the game goes in the right direction.