Guitar Hero makes people want to be real guitar heroes

The impact that gaming has on people’s minds is nothing short of amazing. According to instrument teacher Bo Moore, interviewed in the Johnstown, Penn Tribune-Democrat, his guitar lessons have boomed with 35 % – and he’s confident it’s due to videogames like Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

“Kids who might never have become interested in learning to play the guitar are now coming to us,” Moore said. “We’re so busy right now, and I think these games have been a big factor behind it. We especially see a big boom right after Christmastime. We’re always swamped, with a long waiting list.”

It’s great that kids are inclined to try the real thing after experiencing the thrill of the plastic guitar. I would go as far as saying that if anyone enjoys playing in front of their TV, they would appreciate the real guitar just as much. Taking into account that some parts are even harder in the videogame version compared to real life there’s basically no excuses. And yes, it’s much cooler to play Willie Nelson in wood than in plastic.