7 days around the MMO world (May 31)

It’s the end of May and we all know that that means, E3 is next week. I could just scream with excitement, but I’ll refrain for personal embarrassment’s sake. Before we dive into the normal round up of the week’s MMO news, let’s recap what our expectations and biggest wishes are for E3 in upcoming week.

What we think we’ll get:

  • Mythic announces a proper expansion to Warhammer Online
  • BioWare shows up with gameplay of Star Wars: Old Republic
  • Paragon Studios will release the remaining details to the new City of Heroes: Going Rogue expansion
  • DC Universe Online will make an appearance and show us more tangible gameplay
  • ArenaNet drops a bomb and reveals the gameplay for Guild Wars 2 along with details

What we hope we’ll get, but won’t hold our breath on:

  • Bethesda and or Interplay officially announces the Fallout MMO complete with a sneak peak
  • Vigil shows up with some very early previews of the Warhammer 40k MMO
  • The rumors that Lord of the Rings Online is coming to Xbox 360 gets confirmed and tagged with a release date
  • The Agency makes a major comeback and dumps tons of media on us (this one more likely than the rest)

The irony of the following statement will probably make your sigh and roll your eyes in disapproval but don’t kill us, we’re just the messengers. The plug is being pulled on The Matrix Online. I thought Neo already did that? Let’s not dwell on the details and plot holes right now and rather acknowledge that yet another MMO bites the dust. While it’s not surprising that The Matrix Online is closing its doors, it’s never good to see an MMO go.

It’s a shame to see such a good IP flounder and fail in the videogame space. You would think The Matrix would lend itself to becoming a great MMO, I mean come on the the matrix itself is the be all end all MMO! Perhaps The Matrix Online suffers from the Jedi problem where a character type is so powerful that no matter what you do, you cannot balance the gameplay. Too many Neo wanna-be’s running around? Who knows. Add another tombstone to the graveyard of dead MMOs when The Matrix Online’s doors get closed for good July 31st. Rest in peace.

Last week we briefly mentioned some of the new things coming in the next major content patch for World of Warcraft. Details are still scare as we’re still a bit away from seeing it hit the public test servers, however Blizzard has been kindly rolling some sneak peaks and also providing some new features before the next patch.

If you play a druid, then you’ve been staring at the same bear ass for the past four years now. Well in the next patch you’ll be glad to know you’re getting updated bear and cat forms. This is significant because this is a feature that the community has been begging for since the Burning Crusade expansion. There are several different variations on the look of the forms which are going to be based off of the options you set for your character’s hair and skin colors. Blizzard previewed the new bear forms and are holding on to the new cat forms for a later date.

Aside from the new Druid bear forms, Blizzard launched the cross-language battlegroups in Europe this week expanding the pool of battleground and arena PvP players for all Europeans. You would think it would be hard to play with people who speak a different language right, well incidentally you actually don’t play with them. The system is set up so that you only ever play against players who speak different languages, not with. This works because you are already unable to communicate with the opposing faction/team. So unfortunately French and Germans cannot play side by side and only head to head.

In other MMO news: