Is that enough acronyms for one headline? A rating has appeared on the ESRB website confirming that Final Fantasy VII on the PSP and PS3 in coming to North America. The fact that it is for both platforms indicates that this is the original PlayStation title in a new shiny downloadable package (it’ll be interesting to see how the games three CDs translate into a specific filesize).

Its always a little tragic to see games announced like this. Ever since the first PS classics landed on the PlaySation Store, fans have clamored for this title (and the Japanese release only exacerbated this), and rather than being announced formally in a way that could perhaps drum up a little more hype and get the word out a little faster and wider just lazily letting it slip it out like this is a bit of an anticlimax – not to mention the teeniest bit of a disservice to fans who have been patiently waiting.