PlayStation Network expansion to hit other media

Though some may view the offerings on PlayStation Network as inferior to what is available on Xbox Live, the network continues to show signs of improvement, at one point claiming a significant amount of users.

Popularity aside, the network still has difficulty improving to a point that will achieve profitability. In an attempt to address this problem, Kaz Hirai of Sony has said that he plans to think beyond the reaches of PlayStation hardware.

According to Gamasutra, Hirai mentioned in an interview on Japan Today that he plans to “expand the PlayStation Network to mainstay products other than the PlayStation 3 console like televisions and digital cameras.” Hirai’s rationale for this decision, besides hoping to achieve profitability, was the realization that they “needed a strategy where buying a hardware is not the endpoint but instead a starting point that can offer new experiences to our customers.”

Not sure what this announcement means specifically, but I am hoping that sometime in the future, I can access the PlayStation Network simply by turning on the television, switching to a PlayStation channel, and making my purchases via my remote control. If Sony were to do this, it just might provide them with an edge in the console wars.