E3 2009 / Avast! Monkey Island is back, ya scurvy dogs

Guybrush Threepwood is back to battle the pirate LeChuck straight into our hearts once again. In an effort to revitalize their strong catalog of beloved games, LucasArts is not only treating gamers to a new episodic adventure for Wii and PC called Tales of Monkey Island, but they have also revamped The Secret of Monkey Island (1990) with new HD graphics, full voiceover and re-mastered score for XBLA and PC.

Tales of Monkey Island will be a five part adventure released monthly and is developed by Telltale Games. Essentially Guybrush accidentally unleashes a voodoo pox that turns regular people into pirate monsters. Classic, classic stuff.

Check out the developer video above for the scoop on Secret of Monkey Island’s remake for XBLA/PC. Monkey Island brings the funny with the original cast from Curse returning to do voice work.