E3 2009 / Microsoft to offer downloads of full Xbox 360 games

After Microsoft’s stunning announcements, it makes sense that they would retire for a cold one and a massage, but nothing makes sense this week. It is E3 baby and they news is coming hard and fast and out of every pore, even at post-briefing luncheons.

Xbox Live General Manager Mark Whitten provided more information at the aforementioned luncheon that could not be fit in the regular briefing, this time concerning the downloading of games.¬†Whitten said that a new service will be introduced in August that will sell full retail Xbox 360 games over Xbox Live. The launch titles for this new service will consist of BioShock, Assassin’s Creed, Oblivion, Mass Effect, and Crackdown.

The games will be available for actual monetary figures instead of Microsoft Points, as the system will accept credit card payments.