E3 2009 / Need for Speed: Shift screeches up to E3

The Electronic Arts conference has just kicked off over at E3 2009 and first up for discussion – after a heap of girly crap – is Need for Speed: Shift.

EA DICE chief Patrick Soderlund was the man on stage, talking up a few of the new features. One of these was an improved cockpit view, which while pretty cool was hardly groundbreaking. Slightly more interesting, however, was the concept of “driver profiles.” These profiles will give each driver a persona that compliments their driving style, whether they be aggressive, smooth or otherwise. More on this later in the week, no doubt.

To finish, Sodurlund handed over to a demoer who took a shiny white BMW for a spin around London. He charged around for a bit – with some really nice engine audio going on – and then crashed. Fast car go fast!

Bunch of new screens below.