E3 2009 / Ozzy and Lita Ford join the Brütal Legend cast

If you thought at Jack Black had enough of a masterful voice to handle as much rock as Brütal Legend is offering up then you’re wrong. Even with 2600 lines of potentially hilarious dialogue for Eddie Riggs alone there’s just no way the to contain all the awesome. So Tim Schafer and Double Fine called in the big guns.

Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Lita Ford of The Runaways and Ozzy Osbourne are all going to be voicing some amazingly rockin’ characters come Rocktober when the game is released. Ozzy will be playing The Guardian of Rock, standing in the seat of power he has always been destined to hold. Ms. Ford will be playing the scantily-clad leader of a female battalion of warriors that are unfortunately not called The Runaways. Rob, who Tim was amazed to find it actually funny, will be playing two different characters, essentially himself and what can only be described as a more annoying version of David Lee Roth.

The trailer looks good, as does the Beer Tree.