E3 2009 / Spielberg’s Project Natal uses the all-knowing sensor

Microsoft has unveiled today during their E3 press conference a brand new way to play games not with a controller, but with a sensor called Project Natal. And what does Project Natal sense, you may ask? I’m glad you did.

It senses everything. It’s a camera, a depth sensor, and a multi-array microphone all rolled together, but that’s not the important thing. The important thing is what it does with that information and what it already knows. For one, no more logging in. If when playing with the sensor on and you step in front of it, it’ll recognize your face and log in to Xbox Live automatically. A neat parlor trick. Another interesting little trick Microsoft has haughtily decided to teach machines, emotional recognition in voices and faces. Now they’ll know we’re lying when we defy their eventual rule!

Games using Project Natal will rely only on “life experience” and, of course, the sensor to play. Steven Spielberg, prolithic creator of Animaniacs and Schindler’s List, seemed excited, saying “With ‘Project Natal,’ we’ll see games that bring everyone together through technology that actually recognizes us.” Sounds good to us.