E3 2009 / Star comes out for Grand Slam Tennis

At the E3 Electronic Arts conference, Peter Moore has just shown off Grand Slam Tennis Wii with an EA staffer and… a special guest.

Unsurprisingly, Moore said tennis was the most requested sports game for Wii. Supporting Wii Motion Plus, Grand Slam Tennis features all the grand slam events and 23 licensed players, including John McEnroe who appears exclusively.

Moore demoed the game with another “follically challenged” EA employee. They played for a couple of minutes before the most horribly contrived, yet still pretty awesome, moment you are ever likely to see happened. Pete Sampras, 14 time grand slam tennis champion, came on stage!

Taking the controller from Moore – after a couple of minutes of painful “he’s behind you” play acting – Sampras showed off his Grand Slam Tennis skills. Moore quizzed Sampras as he played, “So, how does this feel compared to the real Wimbledon?”

“This is easier,” replied the hairy ex-tennis pro. We don’t doubt it for a second.