E3 2009 / Star Wars: The Old Republic gets some voice, and an epic cinematic

BioWare jumped back on stage with LucasArts sporting full Star Wars garb and rocking light sabers in what obviously turned out to be a presentation about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unlike the other two BioWare presentations on Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, we learned some new things about the upcoming Star Wars MMORPG.

One of the most notable things that BioWare pointed out is that Old Republic will make use of heavy voice acting. This is something never really attempted before in any MMO. Traditionally, MMOs make use of text to drive the story through quest logs and chat dialogue while making very little use voice acting, if at all. They promise that each player and character in the game will have a unique voice that will help define their who they are, and will be distinct depending what class you choose. They also promised that the game will be very heavily story driven which we’re used to seeing from the other BioWare titles, also something MMOs are some what thought to lack.

On top of that they showed off the new CGI trailer that to simply put it, looked frigging amazing. You see a Sith Lord bombard what looks like a Jedi temple and literally destroy everything in sight. When they pan out at the end we were greeted with Star Destroyers. Awesome.