Halo: Reach confirmed?

Big things are expected from this year’s E3, but hardly anybody knows exactly what these big things will be. Speculation is running rife but hard evidence on what will be confirmed is thin on the ground. Luckily the achievement whores at Xbox360Achievements have uncovered a potential gem in Microsoft’s crown.

The clever point addicts have found a page for Halo: Reach on Xbox.com, something that normally happens when a game is confirmed achievement’s are registered. There’s no images or points to look at but it’s clear; the page is there. So the project must exist in some format. What format is, again, up in the air.

As if that wasn’t enough the clever bods have also uncovered pages for Joy Ride and Shadow Complex through their fervent searches. No doubt confirmation of this will come via Microsoft’s E3 briefing any moment now but the evidence is starting to appear that Halo 3 might not have been the last encounter with the Covenant.