Netflix and NXE getting upgrades soon

Grab all your friends, invite them to a party and sit down and look at pictures, listen to music, and watch some Netflix. No, not in at your ratty apartment, on the internet! Microsoft will soon be offering Xbox Live subscribers the ability to share their media with friends though the Xbox 360 party system. No more having to share the love seat while watching Last Action Hero.

On the topic of Netflix, we’ve got some annoyances that need aired out.  Why can’t we add new movies to our instant queue through the Xbox 360 interface and why is navigating through our ever-growing list of romantic comedies so cumbersome? For everyone who shares our sentiment, good news — coming soon, Netflix will support categorical browsing and give subscribers the ability to browse their library and update their queue instantly via the Xbox 360. It will no longer take us 10 minutes to find Notting Hill, thank goodness.

Lets all just hope “soon” means tomorrow.