Resident Evil 5 infects five million copies worldwide

We all know that Resident Evil 5 was a huge success for Capcom but just how big it was (and still is) surprises even us. Japanese publication Famitsu broke the news that the action-horror title has shipped 5 millions copies worldwide. Let’s just say that again to let it sink in… 5. Million. Copies.

The franchise has always been a strong seller but Resident Evil 5 breaks even its own records as Resident Evil 2, the most successful title in the franchise before part 5, shipped just under 5 million. No doubt there’s some celebrating going on at Capcom’s HQ and the huge numbers mean only one thing; Capcom would be not not to make a Resident Evil 6.

Head over to Famitsu for the details but you might want to translate it via Babel Fish first (unless you’re fluent in Japanese). Be warned though, the translation isn’t perfect.