Valve opens up possibility of more TF2 animated shorts

Since 2007, Valve’s Meet the Team videos, showcasing 7 of the 9 playable characters in Team Fortress 2 so far, have drawn a lot of attention. In fact, Valve has received so much positive feedback from their cinematic efforts that they have considered (no official announcement I’m afraid) making 10-minute shorts or even full length TF2-themed movies (h/t Kotaku).

According to Valve, the videos originated in recordings from auditions for voice acting in the game. The Meet the Heavy movie is taken almost line for line from the original audition script. That clip was used to promote the personality of the game, but what started as a marketing campaign ended up affecting the designers and helped to fine tune the game. In fact, the Heavy’s health giving ‘sandvich’, and Jarate (the art of throwing bottle of urine)–to name just a few– can trace their genesis to the videos.

The movies somehow manage to develop interesting characters, make us laugh, and convey the tongue in cheek attitude of Valve’s addicting multiplayer title. Now, after seven fantastic shorts (the last two, Meet the Medic and Meet the Pyro are coming, Valve assures us), fans want more.

Robin Walker, a Team Fortress 2 designer, spoke with Kotaku via conference call last week, saying, “The number of people at this point who want us going off and making full length movies and that sort of stuff has got to a point where it’s hard to ignore.” Later in the call, Erik Wolpaw, a writer for Valve, offered a cryptic statement saying, “We’re not ready to announce anything along those lines, but I don’t think there’s a person in this company that wouldn’t love to see a full-length TF movie or even a 10-minute movie.”

Changing creative mediums so dramatically would be risky, and designers indicated it would be a while before Valve would finanically commit to such a project.  Still, Valve has demonstrated enough range and excellence with varied titles like Portal, Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead for one to be reasonably sure it can do anything. So long as Shia Labeouf isn’t involved, I’m down.