E3 2009 / Assassin’s Creed II gameplay glides into view

If you’re excited about Assassin’s Creed II then it’s fair to say you’re familiar with or at least know the basic gameplay of the original. All the fluid climbing and crowd maneuvering is still there and looks good as ever, but what’s exciting is the new stuff.

Some things we already knew but are seeing for the first time, body disposal. Guards are now more intelligent enough and if a player lets them, will follow the noise of Ezio entering cover and start poking around. Players now have the option to lock on and strike from cover, dragging the body in with them so as not to be conspicuous. Other trailer highlights include seeing the glider made by Da Vinci in action for the first time. The glider handles like the cape Super Mario World, if Mario used hot air from burning ships to gain altitude and killed people in Renaissance Italy that is. We also see Ezio attacking two guards at once with two blades going into the back of two different guard’s skulls, at the same time.

The big surprise of the video and the demo was the use of smoke bombs. Trapped and surrounded, Ezio slams a smoke bomb down and just runs right through the guards. Ninja vanish!