E3 2009 / Final Fantasy XIV Online trailer, teeny tiny deets

Following the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV Online at Sony’s E3 conference earlier today, here are some further details and a nice new trailer for you. Set in the “vast realm” of Eorzea, FFXIV is being produced by the man behind FF’s I, II, III and XI, Hiromichi Tanaka, alongside a crack Squenix team with a whole bunch of previous FF titles under their belts.

In the trailer above you’ll see some nice, sweeping vistas of Eorzea, some crazy-nuts enemies that only the Japanese could dream up and a Chocobo, all soundtracked by a big ol’ grandiose score courtesy of Final Fantasy stalwart, Nobuo Uematsu.

The second attempt to bring the venerable Final Fantasy series to the MMORPG realm – following FFXIFinal Fantasy XIV Online is scheduled for simultaneous global release on PlayStation 3 and PC next year.