E3 2009 / Gran Turismo PSP revs up for Oct. release

Finally, after what seems like years of idling in neutral, Gran Turismo for PlayStation Portable has a release date: Oct. 1, 2009.

Revealed by Gran Turismo series creator Kaz Yamauchi at Sony’s E3 press conference earlier today, GT PSP will feature 60 layout variations of 35 tracks and 800 cars and run at a super smooth 60fps. The single-player component will include race and time trial modes, with multiplayer catering for up to 4 players via wireless. Also mentioned was a system of trading and “sharing” cars, which should make the task of collecting all 800 vehicles a tiny bit more palatable. The game will be available to download as well as retail UMD.

Gran Turismo PSP is on the floor at E3. We’ll try and bring more details if the boys can squeeze the game into their frankly bonkers schedule!