E3 2009 / Newness on Zelda Spirit Tracks

For anyone who didn’t catch it or fell asleep five minutes in, Nintendo’s E3 press conference was pretty mundane. However, one of the bright spots was the release of new assets for Nintendo’s upcoming title for the DS, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. With the new title, Nintendo promises to provide unique puzzles, an inventive new story, and a new form of transportation. In Spirit Tracks, Link travels by train which is supposed to mix action and real-time puzzle solving as players determine which tracks to take and how fast to go. All the while, Link must defend the train from enemies with an on-board canon and a whistle used to scare animals off the tracks.

Lastly, Link will have a dungeon navigating companion named Phantom, who is really just a possessed set of armor. Phantom has a couple of cool abilities. One Nintendo noted was that he can walk through fire or lava while carrying Link on his back. My guess is that comes in handy quite a few times.

All this sounds very much like PR babble, but we did get a look at ten screenshots, which along with the video below, give us confidence that the new Zelda will be very much like past iterations: amazing. And while it didn’t save a tortuous press conference, it did remind us why we love Nintendo.