E3 2009 / No More Heroes 2 has sexual innuendo

If you’re a regular reader you already know what I think of No More Heroes. This trailer only serves to confirm all of those beliefs and reaffirm that we should be excited for the sequel, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, and with Ubisoft once again announcing that they will be publishing the game in the US I couldn’t be happier with the world in general. This trailer landed a few days ago, but we thought it prudent to show it off now as we now now that the game will indeed be published and will indeed kick ass.

The only thing to be worried about is the lack of gallons and gallons of blood. Hopefully this is the censored version of the game that will come out in those countries that censored the first game and us non-violence fearing Americans will get the copious amounts of blood that we deserve. It’s plenty clear the the jacking-off simulation will definitely be making a comeback.