E3 2009 / Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box on its way to US

Finally. The US is only 2 sequels and a movie behind when it comes to Layton goodness. But as they say, don’t look a gift cursed puzzle box in the mouth. Coming August 24th of this year, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will center around the mysterious death of Layton’s mater, Dr. Schrader. The mystery somehow has them on a train know for murdering people. Pro-tip for everyone, the train is a robot.

The Diabolical Box will have 150 new puzzles along with a new puzzle you can download every week for 33 weeks after the game’s release. I like to imagine that’s the day Nintendo and Level-5 announce Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel will be announced for the US, but I also like to imagine my opinion matters. Anyway. There is also a larger amount of cinematic and voice work compared to the original, something I couldn’t be happier about. In the trailer it we’re treated with a sword fight between Don Paulo and Layton; if Level-5’s previous statement is true then I hope that fight goes on for 40 minutes while they yell prime numbers at each other.

August 24th everyone, mark your DSi’s calendar.