E3 2009 / Shadow Complex trailer, screens

The official E3 trailer for Epic Game’s Shadow Complex has hit the web alongside a few new details about the game. Cliffy B took the stage early Monday during Microsoft’s E3 press conference to unveil this exclusive Xbox Live Arcade title reminiscent of classic action/adventure games Castlevania and Metroid.

The title boasts a campaign of 10+ hours, over 120 hidden items, and is set in the world of Empire, a novel by beloved sci-fi novelist Orson Scott Card. The trailer doesn’t give away too much in regards to narrative, so there’s no telling how closely the game will adhere to the novel. But it looks like your typical “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy fights relentless onslaught of evil robots in order to save girl” type of story. A demo will be playable at the Microsoft’s E3 booth throughout the week, so stay tuned for more details. For now, check out the first trailer and screens below.