E3 2009 / TVGB day zero recap video

Adrenaline. That’s how I would describe this event so far. Between the conferences, meetings, and special appearances we had to make, there wasn’t much time to do anything. We’re running on fumes already and E3 hasn’t even officially started! So, when we get back to our base of operations (Dennis’ house) we relax, right? No! It’s back to work scheduling, planning, and editing video.

The two biggest events today were the Microsoft press conference and the Ubisoft press conference. TVGB was all over both and the following video is our recap of what happened. It’s almost 6 A.M. EST, so Matt, Dennis, and myself are finally going to call it a night, only to be up in 5 hours to head off to Nintendo’s press conference. Adrenaline.