E3 2009 / C.O.P.: The Recruit brings gritty open-world gaming to DS

Among Nintendo’s E3 announcements come the Ubisoft-developed C.O.P.: The Recruit, the newest open-world title to grace the Nintendo DS, which places players in the role of a street racer forced to work with the police to stop a terrorist conspiracy.

It’s got a very Grand Theft Auto vibe, based on the short video shown showcasing the running, shooting and racing that will be required to complete the title’s 60+ missions, which span more than 20+ hours. Though the title is admittedly awful, this could unseat Chinatown Wars as the best mature title for Nintendo’s handheld if the gameplay lives up to the description –  six square miles of highly-detailed, heavily-populated New York City, clipping along at a smooth 60 frames per second on dual screens. If only the story didn’t sound like the plot of The Fast and The Furious sketchily recounted by Vin Diesel’s Nana to the delight of her Weekly Bridge Club.