E3 2009 / Fallout 3’s Point Lookout dated, new things to look at offered

Just when you thought it was over, they rope you right back in. Not to be ignored in this E3 mania, Bethesda is releasing yet another chunk of Fallout 3 DLC on June 23rd. Taking a stroll into back country woods the DLC looks like a homage to the game Redneck Rampage. The conveniently chosen font for the title at the end of the trailer also further suggests that Redneck Rampage might have influenced Bethesda’s Point Lookout DLC. Full of shotguns, hillbillies and dark foggy wooded areas Redneck, I mean Point Lookout, looks to log more hours to the already countless hours players have funneled into the Fallout 3 universe.

For now, check out the new screens below and trailer after the break.