E3 2009 / James Cameron’s Avatar revealed… Kinda…

It’s been one helluva show so far at this year’s E3 and, perhaps the scariest thing — it’s not over yet. Pictures and videos are drip-feeding through the press-release system to make sure each and every title shown this year, from AAA to small fry, gets adequate screen-time.

And there’s nothing like having James Cameron, director extraordinaire and winner of 3 Oscars, to come and show you the money when it comes to Ubisoft’s game adaptation of Avatar. Except he didn’t really show anything, he just talked about it. A lot. During a lengthy presentation during Ubisoft’s show (video below) Cameron waxed lyrical on how he chose to partner with Ubisoft on developing a game adaptation of his $200 million dollar plus epic and was desperate to make sure that nothing associated with the movie sucked. A wise move, given the monetary investment so far in the 3D CGI flick.

In order to expand on his dense universe Cameron wanted the game to exist on its own, to compliment the film and visa versa, so the production team had access to the film’s assets and were encouraged to introduce new characters, weapons and suchlike into the project. The game will enable you to choose sides and, despite based on the upcoming movie, is completely spoiler free when it comes to the film itself, surely a first for movie adaptations. In related news, the game’s official site is also now up and running but, similarly, don’t expect anything other than what’s been shown so far.